PTirc – A look at the past and the future


PTirc – A look at the past and the future

PTirc is an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network founded in March 2016.

Although founded with the intention of serving mainly Portuguese-speaking users, we also welcome visitors from other nationalities with open arms.

Mainly focused on privacy and security (IP hiding, mandatory SSL/TLS for network connection, etc), since the beginning we have done (and do) everything possible to offer our users a free and anonymous chat platform.

However, in recent years the use of IRC has seen a decrease in its use, the exception being some networks that host FOSS (Free and Open-source Software) projects such as Libera and OFTC.

PTirc itself has seen better days. I already expected this, but my disappointment and unwillingness to continue this project has increased considerably over the years.

I cannot, yet, speak precisely about the future of PTirc, but it is not easy. I’ve been adding new features to our webchats, new functions to IRCd, etc., but that doesn’t seem to help attract new users’ attention.

The fact that I am against spamming from my network to other networks makes this even more difficult.

Unfortunately, PTirc may have its days/years numbered. It is with immense sadness and a heavy heart that I make this announcement today.

To all those who have been with PTirc since the beginning and all those who have been settling in and using our network as a “home”, thank you very much!

I say goodbye, for today, with a great regret in my heart.

See you.

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